When the Canadians enter the chat

Last Thursday…

Picture the scene reader, I was busy typing away, working, when the Canadians woke up, and entered the WhatsApp chat…

Joon: Need a Brit to please explain butty. Why it’s called that and why anyone would want a chip one.

Me: really cheap white bread, slathered with butter and chip shop chips sandwiched in the middle. It’s hard to explain why it’s good but it’s the textures of the different types of carbs, the melted butter against the potatoes and the way the chips are cooked.

Joon: This fails to convince me its a good idea… 😆 And how did it sandwich come to be a BUTTY? As clearly the short form of sandwich is SAMMICH 🙄😂

Kim: I thought you were English and therefore spoke English. Clearly I was wrong

Me: But I explained how a butty works, no?!? I’m a taxonomist… so I’ll explain it in technical terms:

Preferred Term: Sandwich
Related terms: Sarnie – en-gb, Butty – en-gb, Sammich- en-ca
All English

Jessixa: We shouldn’t tell the Canadians how many colloquial terms there are for a bread roll

Me: wise

Unfortunately reader, Joon knows how to Google….

Image of different varieties of bread rolls, shared by Adam Schembri on Twitter

Joon: OMFG just googled. What is wrong with you people

Joon: YOU’RE BASICALLY JUST MAKING UP WORDS. Sounds even. They aren’t even words. BAP IS NOT A WORD. I am not eating a bap. Or a barm!

Me: And I believe you asked for verification about chip butties

Joon: Because I though a French fry sandwich WAS MADE UP

Me: Well, yeah, a French fry sandwich is made up. Only an idiot would put French fries in a sandwich. But chip shop butty is completely different

Joon: This all explains why your national dish is INDIAN FOOD. You can’t be trusted with food names.

I mean, this coming from a country that puts cheese and gravy on chips 🤷🏼‍♀️.

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