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About the course

Welcome to introduction to navigation design, written and presented by Emma Chittenden, the Web Whisperer.

I’ve designed this course around a talk I’ve given called Naked Navigation. It started as a frustrating attempt to buy a replacement filter for an air purifier and somewhat morphed over time.

I want to give you a good understanding of what components make up navigation design, how to work out how well your navigation performs, and where to start when designing (or redesigning) a navigation system.

The course is a (cram packed) introduction into the discipline of navigation design, it will not go into the detailed specifics of how you benchmark, design and test navigation. That is a subject that is currently growing by the day, and I can’t wait to bring that course to you later this year.

What you'll learn

The four navigation design principles I’ve developed will help you get your head around what makes up good navigation design. Which is where we’ll start. 

You’ll then learn that a taxonomy is nothing to do with animals, nor is it a love letter to tax.  It’s one of the core building blocks of navigation design.  You’ll be able to tell the difference between taxonomy, ontology, metadata and lots more. 

You’ll then learn about anatomy. No, not that kind.  The anatomy of navigation design components. You’ll be able to tell your burgers from your megas (menus that is), and the difference between metadata and meta descriptions. 

By the time you’ll get to the end of the course, you’ll be able to talk about navigation design like you’ve had a 10 week streak on Duolingo. 

What's included

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Who the course is for

Just about anyone who works in digital product or service design who doesn’t understand navigation design will benefit from doing this course.  

It would also benefit stakeholders who look at you like you’ve just told them their mother is a hamster in Swahili.

Design specialisms that will benefit

Content design

Content strategy

UX Research

UX/UI design

Product design

Service design

note – if you are an information architect or have had education in this field, this probably isn’t for you.

Who will be teaching

Emma Chittenden talking at Taxonomy Bootcamp London 2019

You instructor for this course is me, Emma Chittenden (not that this is likely to be a huge surprise!). 

With about 25 years experience in tech and digital design my mind is a (don’t say swamp) fountain of knowledge. 

Zero qualifications (of any kind), but I have a huge passion for what I do.  I’ve been told I needed to share that with others.  What could possibly go wrong? 

You’ll get my down-to-earth approach to getting your head around stuff. 

Find out more about me.


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