Understanding the problem

If you stick your finger in an electric socket and get a shock, the problem is you’re an idiot and you forgot to turn off the mains power. Design is no different. Imagine designing a product just because you wanted to. You might laugh, but I can guarantee you’ve used a product or service that […]


Benchmarking is a bit like putting a stake in the ground so you can see how far you’ve come when you reach the end of a process. How it relates to navigation design – It allows you to see the scale of the problem at the start of a design process, and– measure the outcome […]

The four phases of navigation design testing

I probably jumped the gun by talking about card sorting last week. So let’s take things back to basics with the four phases of navigation design testing. If you haven’t already, please read the taxonomy of testing and research. It’s helpful to understand the language I use in this post. This is the first in […]

The taxonomy of testing and research

Consider this a prologue to talking about the four phases of testing. Before I go any further I’m going to share with you my taxonomy of testing. This is because the words we use tend to be used interchangeably but they have subtly different meanings. If you’re new to the industry or just h*ckin’ bamboozled […]

Introduction to card sorting

I wrote a tweet on Saturday that got a lot of attention (I wasn’t expecting it to). It was in response to a tweet that had stuck in my mind about the accessibility of card sorting. In amongst the replies there was a request to write up what I had said. So this is the […]

The problems with card sorting

I’ve split the card sorting articles in two. The previous one covered what card sorting is, how it’s used and how you shouldn’t use it. If you haven’t read it and are unfamiliar with card sorting, please read that one first. In this article I’m talking about the problems with card sorting. There are lots […]

The cult of validation

Testing is fantastic. Trust me, I can still remember a time when we designed things that were never put in front of the people who would use them until it was live. The problem we seem to be having at the moment is that the desire to put something in front of people has become […]