Relevancy is the key goal for search results. Relevant results are clickable results. When you have relevant results, your visitors are looking at what’s presented to them and they think “it’s like you read my mind”. A relevant result is one that is a balance of the right choice and the obvious choice. As someone […]

Search metrics

Metrics are data points that we use to measure the performance of traffic. In an attempt to be platform agnostic, the metrics we’ll discuss here talk about what each one is, how you use it on its own and how you use it with other metrics. We’ll also talk about how measuring metrics successfully means […]


Synonyms are pretty much as the word says, alternatives to a specific word. They are your secret weapon when it comes to making your content more findable in your search engine. There are several ways you can use synonyms, they include: Pure synonyms These are synonyms in the purest sense, like you would find in […]


Noise is not just a loud or unpleasant sound that causes a disturbance. The same can be true with information. Noise plays a big role in preventing conversion. In the case of search, it causes problems with click through rates in search results. Examples of how noise will impact search results include: Vague queries Irrelevant […]